Mock Up SD-012 REV A - Torquemaster Bed and Console Check List
Wenzel Reman 526 w

We deliver used equipment – like new equipment

We have remanufactured preowned tools you need, the quality workmanship you expect, and the highly trained staff necessary to completely remanufacture your equipment to better than new. Whether it’s one machine or many, we deliver the quality you expect and performance you can count on.

If we don’t have it, we can find it. We are always looking for premium used machinery and equipment that can be recertified to our high-quality standards to add to our inventory. This helps make quicker delivery feasible – when you need it now.

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JWMS exclusive Six Month Limited Preowned Warranty comes standard.
Extended warranty options are available.

Refurbished equipment includes:
• Breakout Machines
• Data Logging Systems
• Jar testers
• Bucking Units
• Powered Spinners
• Push Pull Cylinder Units
• Roller Support jacks
• Replacement Control Consoles

Trade-In & Trade-Up

As technology continues to evolve, it is critical to the success of any company that they stay ahead of the curve. JWMS makes it easy with our Trade-In Program. Sell your used machine and upgrade your shop. Trading-in your used machine can earn you credit toward the purchase of a new machine equipped with the latest features and technology designed to give you a competitive advantage and maximize your return on your investment.

Advantages to our machine Trade-In/ Trade-Up program include:
• Save time selling your old machine and leave the work to our experienced sales team
• Apply your trade-in credit towards a new machine
• Reduce the amount you owe or need to finance
• Several tax advantages
• Upgrade to the latest machine advances and smart technology
• Harness the value of your existing machine toward the purchase of new JWMS equipment.
• Benefit from modernizing your operation and enhancing your capabilities.