TRUTEST – secure automatic sealing for safe and clean operations

Advantages of the TRUTEST system include:

• Hydraulically actuated seals close on each end of the tool – hands-free
• Eliminates hammer unions and special threaded adapters
• Flow lines remain connected to the Test Stand, eliminating handling hoses or piping
• Hold-down clamps hydraulically secure the tool for testing – hands-free
• Full length drip pan collects spillage from the tool for zero-discharge
• Automatic sump pump returns spilled fluid back to the Flow Loop reservoir
• All remotely controlled safely from self-contained power unit
• Accommodates full range of tool lengths and diameters
• Highly efficient versus manually connecting/disconnecting flow lines
• Tools are quickly and efficiently tested, saving time and money
• Eliminates injury-prone hammer unions
• Eliminates leaks, dripping and spraying during high pressure testing
• Provides a dry, clean work space – no more leaks and spillage
• Environmentally friendly – prevents contaminated fluids from spilling into floor drains
• Safer all around: hands-free, no injury prone hammer unions, dry workspace prevents slips
• Tremendously safer, far more efficient to save time and money, cleaner work environment