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We don’t do “band-aid” repairs

We stand behind our products with top tier service and support. From complete system installation to replacing a simple hydraulic line, assistance is available 24/7 from our experienced technicians. We can mobilize specialists worldwide so our service is very responsive and always available.

We don’t do “band-aid” repairs and we won’t even start to repair the failure until we fully understand what caused the problem. We take the time and utilize our expertise to make an improvement as part of our repair process. We don’t rush through the repair and will leave only when both our technicians and our customers are satisfied the repair is done right.

Large scale overhaul or small repair, evidence of our quality workmanship and expertise will be apparent. Like the pride we put into building each of our premium products, we take the same pride in supporting our customers with outstanding service and repairs


Machine calibration and inspection

Extend the service life and reliability of your equipment and allow for safer operation and improved workflow at your facility. Our expert technicians can take care of annually required torque calibration and regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. JWMS experienced specialists can identify potential problems and help address the repair before it results in failure, safety issues or costly down time.

Machine calibration is conducted utilizing a high-capacity strain gauge torquemeter, connected to a precision electronic processor and configured specifically for Breakout machine use. Every JWMS Torquemeter and electronic processor has valid up-to-date certification documented by the manufacturer prior to our service.

Following completion of calibration servicing, a Certificate of Conformance will be issued together with a supporting compliance documentation package.

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Comprehensive training for operations and maintenance personnel

From electrical to mechanical, hydraulics to software, our skilled field technicians perform onsite installations and commissioning; whether turnkey or assisting alongside your personnel. We also offer comprehensive training for operations and maintenance personnel.

Every machine system we sell is an all-inclusive, turnkey package with installation, commissioning and training included in our standard pricing. We want to make life easier for our customers and bring them peace of mind knowing their new machine is installed properly and their personnel are fully trained in safety, operations and maintenance.

The best machinery and latest technologies are only as good as the people working with them. JW Machine Systems offers comprehensive training for operations and maintenance personnel. Best practice combined with creating a safe and healthy workplace.

Our team is waiting to help you with any questions you have and problems to solve. Turnkey or assisting alongside your personnel, our skilled field technicians perform onsite installations and commissioning.

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Custom application engineering and upgrades

Our commitment is to keep your business operating reliably and efficiently. We deliver much more than just high performance machines. We offer a wide variety of upgrades and modernizations to enhance your equipment and allow for safer operation and improved workflow.

Considering an upgrade? It all starts with an idea of what you need. We specialize in looking at the bigger picture together with you to find the most cost-effective and practical ways to implement upgrades.

We put decades of engineering excellence working for you designing machinery to operate safely and at peak efficiency by incorporating forward thinking innovation and the latest in materials and manufacturing. We work closely with our clients to custom engineer a single component or an entire system that best suits specific operational needs.

We apply our extensive industry expertise to every system we design, engineer and build. We are constantly looking for smarter, faster, safer ways to get the job done. We keep it simple and avoid unnecessary and costly complexity. This saves you money with increased reliability and easier maintenance operations.

Bring us your unique challenge and let us get to work developing new tools specific to your needs. From the sketch pad concept to engineered product, we partner with you from inception to delivery.