TRUTORQUE – Standard Equipment Package

TRUTORQUE Hero Arial with Workers 526 x 322
TRUTORQUE Hose Return 526 x 526 B
TRUTORQUE End View 526 x 700
Two Year Limited Warranty comes standard on all new NXJ systems.

The next “Jeneration” of proven break-out performance and innovation

It’s time to modernize! TRUTORQUE NXJ is the next generation of time-tested performance from the originators of the modern breakout machine. TRUTORQUE NXJ has everything you need and nothing you don’t. From its large touch screen display to the smarter design with fewer mechanical and hydraulic components, NXJ machines safely, quickly and accurately make-up and break-out threaded connections on downhole tools, motors, tubulars, and related equipment.

Reduced maintenance and cost of ownership
A smarter suspension design, a simplified hydraulic system, improved cylinder assemblies, safer hose management. Our engineers considered every aspect, drawing upon four decades of knowledge, to make a better machine, reducing your maintenance and cost of ownership.

With a standard industry-leading two-year limited warranty and multiple financing and leasing
options, the NXJ is the perfect choice to deliver the improved performance and capacity your
operations need for years to come.

TRUTORQUE NXJ features – Standard Equipment Package
• Large Touch Screen displays torque with integrated Data Logger
• Long-life Tailstock suspension with heavy duty rollers
• Fixed headstock chuck 3.5 – 18 inch (89 – 457 mm) diameter range using standard tong dies
• Traveling tailstock chuck 3.5 – 14 inch (89 – 356 mm) diameter range
• No jaws or inserts to change for different work piece diameters
• Self-centering, radially arranged cylinders extend or retract in unison
• Simplified, low-profile Control Console unit offers superb visual and operational reference
• Jar Tester circuit included standard
• Improved Clamp Cylinder design
• Hoses contained in Protective Conduit, eliminating hose chain
• Operates on 3,000-psi hydraulic pressure

TRUTORQUE NXJ – Technical Specifications
Chuck diameter range:
Headstock:                         3.5 – 18 inch (89 – 457 mm)
Tailstock:                            3.5 – 14 inch (89 – 356 mm)
Torque Rating:
Make-Up:                            160,000 Ib-ft (217 kNm) Maximum
Breakout:                            200,000 Ib-ft (271 kNm) Maximum
Overall Bed Length:          12 foot or 16 foot bed standard (3.7 m or 4.9 m)
                                                        *Custom bed lengths available
Overall Width:                    52 inch (1321 mm)
Overall Height:                   65 inch (1651 mm)
Weight:                                9,500 lbs (4309 kg)
Electrical Requirements:  20 HP (15 kW)

TRUTORQUE – Options and Accessories

TRUTORQUE Power Spinner 526 x 347

Powered Spinner

• Safely spins in/out threaded connections
• Allows for faster tool handling
• Easily fitted to most machine brands

TRUTORQUE Push Pull 526 x 347

Push / Pull Cylinder

• For servicing drilling motors
• 50 inch (1250 mm) stroke
• Max. push force 58,900 lb (26,717 kg)
• Max. pull force 22,100 lb (10,000 kg)
• Simplified, smart rock-over feature

TRUTORQUE Roller Support Jacks 526 x 347

Roller Support Jacks

• Hydraulically height adjustable
• Available as Extension Beam mounted and Machine Bed mounted
• Cylindrical rollers accommodate various tool diameters
• Safer and more robust than spherical ball-type rollers

DL4 on NXJ RT CC 526px x 347px

TRULOG Data Logger System

• User-Friendly- no unnecessary complexity
• Simplified, easy-to-use TRULOG software
• Industrial touchscreen
• Machine condition monitoring & intelligent predictive maintenance
• Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity

Non marking jaws

Non-Marking Soft Jaws

• Soft jaws with malleable gripping surface
• Easily installed and changed for different diameters
• Eliminates marring of tool components
• Ensures uniform clamping and prevents deformation of sensitive connections

TRUTORQUE Jar tester 526 x 347


• Jar Tester circuit standard on all NXG breakout machines
• Advanced Jar Tester data logging software included
• Clear, concise force displayed on TRULOG monitor
• Configurable for various jar sizes and lengths