Jar Tester Console RT

 TRUFORCE Jar Tester features

• Simple, robust design for ease of use and safe, reliable performance
• Single hydraulic cylinder for push/pull (removable for shipping)
• Rigid dual beam bed with adjustable end carriage for various jar lengths
• Positive locking pins secure end carriage safely in place
• Wide stance, low profile feet on bed frame for stability
• Uses threaded adapter nubbins at each end of the jar
• Operates with common 3,000 PSI hydraulic supply

TRUFORCE technical Specifications

Max. Push / Compression                   240,000 lb        109,000 kg
Max. Pull / Tension                               210,000 lb         95,250 kg
Max. Jar Length                                     37 feet                 11278 mm
Max. Tool Diameter                             14 inch                 355 mm
Stroke                                                     30 inch                765 mm
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)          47 feet x 55 inch x 24 inch 14.3 m х 1.4 m х 600 mm
Gross Weight w/ HPU (dry)                 12,478 lb             5,660 kg